Living Room Design Among Darkwood Coffee Table Also Modern Fabric Sofa Beach House West Seattle

The fresh look is presented by this waterfront house located in West Seattle. David Olson Architect has successfully brought this alluring look of Alki Beach house after the remodel project. This beach house now is a contemporary waterfront residence with a stylish look. The modern decoration is applied in its interior design, and the present concept is being implemented in the exterior design as well. Glass windows are installed in all over the house to give an open and bright impression. White is the color picked for the interior wall color.

The living room looks warm and cozy with the modern furniture in neutral color combined with the soft tone color. A set of the contemporary sofa is used as the focal point of the living room. The dining room has bolder color presented by the modern dining chairs that surround the rectangular wooden dining table. The large painting gives colorful accent in this neutral colored area. Adding the modern feel, the modern decorative sconce is hung above the dining furniture radiating the yellow light. This new arrangement is the result of the successful waterfront house remodels.

Large glass sliding door is set in the living room. This door connects the living room with the beautiful nature outside. When these sliding doors are opened, the living room looks like to be the part of the blue beach. The terrace is provided on the outside giving the perfect relaxing space. It has black steel balustrade facing the beautiful beach. Fresh flowers such as red tulips and white lilies are the natural decoration that beautifies this home interior.

The home exterior is designed for a modern look. Sleek look and clean lines are applied in this exterior design. The darkgray color is employed as the exterior color theme. Rey natural stones suit well with this exterior wall color. Contemporary waterfront house gives the other alternative for the stylish modern living space connected to the nature surrounding.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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