Glorious Two Floor Villa under Bilthoven Building Constructed Among Full from Transparency Covering Both Floor Areas

Have you ever heard of White Residential Box before? This house has designed by Clijsters architecture studio and is located in Bithoven. This project will bring you back to the 19th memories. As you can see that the 19th house which is usually large and came in a white color is reflected to this house. But this house is not a replica to the 19th century house, but this house is combined with the 20th century.

This house brings an irregular shape with a distinct geometric to make it looks larger from the outside. This house with White Residential Box Themes is actually has a pretty simple design and is very good for a single family. There is also a garage that can be used for one car. But this garage has no protection, this garage is an open garage with only a roof on it.

The house is a 2 story house with a mesh grille in the first floor to protect it from the outside. Don’t worry about your privacy with this mesh grille material used, and with this mesh grille will make an extra protection for the house. It is also useful to bring the fresh air inside. You can see the details about the furniture of this house and the architecture more after visiting the site.

Brick material is used in the floor outside before you enter the house. And there are much trees surrounding the house which may bring you back to the 19th century house. You can follow the path to enter the house. The balcony in the first floor is pretty good, there are 3 dead trees placed outside as the decoration. And a large sofa also placed here due to White Residential Box Information, but there is no roof here to protect the sofa from the sun and rain.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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