Glorious Architecture House Rehabilitation Displayed By Beautiful Interior from Living Room Among Cladding Also Greenery

Here are some ideas about Traditional Architecture. Dom arquitectura has completed this renovation project. This renovation project needs some times before it actually finishes. This project is actually based on Barcelona themed house which is placed in Spain. The goal in doing this project is to respect the old house design that has been previously built. Because of this old house is too old and due to the location of the house which is close to the river.

The project will make the house looks bigger and more comfortable to be used. But the old theme with Traditional Architecture Ideas of this house is not completely removed, they kept some of the memorable old theme that makes a stronger effect for the house. Stone material is mainly used here and that brings a strong look for the house .

The design of the stone façade is still like the design in the old house before, but this stone facade which is getting old now has changed into a newer one. The windows also changed into a thicker one, so that it will protect you better from the direct sun outside. And by doing this you will get a colder air inside. The new openings also used here to bring a new small and strategic opening in the south wall for views. You can see the details about the furniture of this house and the architecture more after visiting the site.

The ground floor in the house came with a dining room that is equipped with the continuous pavement, kitchen and the living area are located. With this open plan space architecture will make it looks more spacious. it is also can get natural lighting by the sun outside through the skylights and the small terrace due to Traditional Architecture Information is very beautiful because it has a straight view to the beautiful Carnota bay.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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