Beautiful Lighting Inside Private Residence Singapore Among Wide Glass Walls Also Wide Open Garage Space

Developing the beautiful posh private residence is become increasingly in the develop country. One of the beautiful of it design can be found in the 67 Jalan Binchang, Singapore. The residence of it design is very unique and elegant. This residence is built in the large land. This residence is available in three-story house. The model of the residence is using modern design.

The design of this residence is very beautiful and elegant. The use of open house design is bringing this house into the beautiful house. Using transparent glass door and windows make this house look elegant. The use of it in the posh private residence is used in the first floor, second floor, and third floor. Using open house design makes this residence look comfort and fresh. It makes the residence owners are enjoy the scenery outside the house. Using transparent glass door and window will make the house room get enough lighting from the sunlight at the afternoon.

The design of this residence is very unique. The design of this residence is very complex. It is need good creativity and skill in making this residence. The design of this residence is very detail. The design of the roof is make in angles of taper. The use of the black brick as the wall make the residence looks unique by combining with open house design. Adding stairs outside the house will make the house owner easy to go to the second floor.

Using white color as the main color of the wall and floor in the room are make the room look elegant. Using it color is also making the room look large. It is also easy to determining the interior used in the room. White color can be combining by using colorful color of the interior. Deciding about the posh interior design can be tailored to the needs of the room or room style.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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