Naturally Street Facade from Hemocoel Residence Home Exterior Used Modern Style Also Green Landscaping Design Ideas

Developing of the luxurious residence is become increasingly in some developed country. The design and plan of the residence is available in any design. One of its designs can be found in Clyde Hill, Washington. The project of it design is Hemocoel Residence. This residence is very luxurious and unique. It is built in the large area. The model of this residence is also complex. This residence is available in the two-story design.

The model of the residence is very unique. The unique model of the residence makes the residence look luxurious. The model of this residence is using modern design. The design of this house is using open house concept. The open house concept is used by using many of glass windows and doors. The use of luxurious residence design with open house concept is bringing some advantages for the residence. The room looks larger by using open house concept. The room is also looking bright at the afternoon because the natural sunlight is entering to the room.

The materials used in this residence are variety. There is much kind of materials that is used to build this residence. The material used to build this residence is available from material until modern materials. To create the unique style, the wooden is used to decorate the outside wall. Glass is used to make windows and doors. Marble stone is used to decorate the inside wall. Using big square ceramics make the room look elegant. Combining the materials used in this residence is making it look elegant inside and outside the residence.

Good lighting is very important in this design. Using many small LED lamps make the room gets enough lighting. The room is bright in the afternoon or night. The use of the lamps is also improved the beautiful of the house look at the middle night. Building luxurious home design plans is very important to make beautiful home or residence.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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