Interesting Green Also Red Lighting Installed Inside And Outside from Sarpi Border Checkpoint under Georgia as Illumination

We want to tell you about this Irregularly Shaped Tower. There is something that might catch your attention when you come to Georgia. Don’t forget to see this building which is very unique and beautiful at the same time. This is not a regular building, but this is just a marking point between Turkey and Georgia. It is very useful for people to see this checkpoint due to the large size.

This checkpoint is designed by J Mayer H Architects. This checkpoint is called as Irregularly Shaped Tower Sarpi border and it is a modern tower used as a viewing platform. What is unique about this checkpoint is that, the design of this checkpoint has not finished yet, and this checkpoint looked like a large amoeba. It is beautiful and simple and you can see it instantly. This checkpoint comes with multiple levels overlooking the water.

With the strong foundation of 3 levels will make the amoeba shaped stay durable and strong and will make it can be seen from far away. This building comes with the regular function like a normal house but also comes with additional features such as cafeteria, staff rooms and a conference room. The cafeteria is pretty simple but is large and clean that will make the food hygiene. You can see the details about the furniture of this house and the architecture more after visiting the site.

The staff room looked very professional and is very comfortable for your guests. And the conference room has a high level of ambience. Most of the rooms in this place came with clean white color and the lighting is pretty good with the lamps everywhere. And after you have done with the business inside based on Irregularly Shaped Tower Information, you can go outside and take the fresh air from the sea next to it.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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