Exclusive Interior Architecture Project Black Serenity Home Living Room Interior Among Nice Gridded Ceiling

It is coming from Atelierii who bring this Interior Scheme. Do you like to use a single color or multi-color in your house? Doing a single color in your house can be challenging for you because you will get a simpler look. And you can also turn the house more luxury when you did it right to make it not looked bored, because of single house is usually not interest to people.

Single color house usually came in white color, but nowadays as the house innovations always new. This monochromatic color scheme with Interior Scheme Concept can bring a unique look for you. This house is looked very great and looks like it is being edited by special effects in a movie. This house is shockingly elegant with this color scheme and this idea came from Atelierii and just makes design. They did a great collaboration and success as Taiwan architects.

When you are coming inside to the house, this house is not only come with a great color scheme, but great interiors as well. You will feel like being in a cave when you come here, and with this monochromatic color scheme will make this theme stronger. All of the furniture here came with a modern one that will make you easier when you want to clean the house.

When you want to go to the living room, you have to pass through a small path which is surrounded by mirrors with a bright lighting. It is actually beautiful. Natural stones are used to make it more real and there are 4 bedrooms inside the house which will be suitable for you to invite your friends to come around. This house looked from Interior Scheme Visualization is closed from the outside, but with the great air ventilation you will still get fresh air.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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