Fascinating City View Near Living Room Among Cozy Sofas Also Simple Rounded Dining Space Near Wooden Floor

Having a modern home to live might be a common dream of almost everyone in this world. During this globalization era, there are a lot of house types been created by the designers. Due to the urban dense, the designers have to outsmarting living space problems without reducing coziness inside the residence itself. The most common style that been used lately is the opened style. Apartment nowadays usually built within the opened style to entertain the owner with the city view. Let’s check it out.

Floor to ceiling glass windows inside a dwelling could give some impressions to the dwelling itself. For example, to increase the modernity of urban life, an apartment in Los Angeles installed a transparent wall. The wall is facing right towards the city. It will give you a fantastic view of the city at nights. Moreover if you have the view right from inside your bedroom. Isn’t it a wonderful modern home design?

The modernity could be applied inside your living room to. Imagine how a spacious living room with white ceiling and wooden flooring been completed with transparent walls around the room. Lights from the distance will be looked like a thousand stars under you! Furnish your living room with comfortable and modern seats, table, and carpet to support the atmosphere. The similar ways are possible to be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, and others.

Having a city view is not always for you who have your home floating above the ground. To increase the tropical style, you can built an outdoor infinity swimming pool next to your seaside home. There, in the distance, city buildings are standing beautifully combined with the blue ocean and sky. However, if you want to have those tropical inside your 45th floor apartment, you still can. Inside your living room with transparent wall, put some flowers or plants in pots to decorate the appearance.

There are still a lot of modern ideas haven’t been explained. Many impressions could be create by those ideas. For clearer explanation, visit the link given. Get the pictures of the modern home design ideas there.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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