Reading Space Interior as New York City Apartment Interior Among Beige Color Decoration Design as Inspiration under Your Home

New York City Apartment project by Paul Francis Shurtleff Architect is a beautiful and stylish modern apartment design in New York. Look at to the picture where you can find a stylish and modern apartment interior design. The first picture shows you the apartment hall entry that looks so beautiful with glossy tile flooring and white wall paints. You should step further to find the best interior design for New York apartment.

It has elegance living room design with white color domination combine with modern home furniture. You will find an elegant fireplace design with ceramics and white concrete mantle. There is a set of modern couch in broken white color. You also can find a modern coffee table in the middle of the room. It is interesting to see the doorknob design of the apartment. It has stylish doorknob design in golden color. The architect shows you the best stylish modern apartment design idea ever.

You can keep on scrolling down your mouse and see the kitchen room picture. It has modern kitchen room with glossy black countertops. The kitchen room looks clean with white kitchen cabinet and glossy blue backsplash. The upper kitchen cabinet looks great with glass cover door. The detail of the kitchen room is beautiful and you will love the kitchen layout of this apartment. Go to the next room and you will see a modern family room with big screen television.

The family room looks bright with white color domination throughout the room. You also can see custom floor-to-ceiling cabinet at the family room. Right in the middle of the room, you will find leather pouf with tufted surface. It has modern bathroom design with stylish faucet design and marble countertops. Everything looks great in a stylish modern apartment concept that makes you feel comfort at the apartment.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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