Artist's Studio Exterior Design Surrounded Among Dry Landscape Built under Contemporary Architecture

If you are an artist, having a private studio near your house will be a good idea. You can make many interesting art works near your house. With simple yet useful studio design, the studio will give you many brilliant inspirations. Seeing the interesting example of the studio will make you easier to choose the design. Philip A Buchanan, Architect is one of the famous designers who will give you a comfortable studio space right beside your house.

With the Artist’s Studio project, this designer will bring you the simple yet interesting studio space which can be built near your house. This studio is using strong steel in the exterior. Brown door is completing the exterior look of this simple studio. Iron Bridge is used to connect the entrance. Wooden panels are used in the lower side of this studio. This amazing studio design inspiration can be a good choice for you.

On the back side, there are sliding doors which will bring you to the open space. Some stones are arranged as the footing on the pebbles. Inside, you can found a cozy space with concrete floor and white wall. There are some wooden pillars in this space. An iron ladder is completing this studio. It is connecting the upper level and lower level. For the upper level, hardwood floor is used. This way, you will feel more comfortable.

Upstairs, you will see many interesting photographs which are placed on the white wall. It is an interesting decoration. Black fence will protecting you from falling. This iron fence looked so unique. White ceiling is completed with some small lamps in it. White shelves and a unique bookshelf can be found in the lower level. You will feel comfortable and happier when you staying inside this small space with unique studio design and fascinating furniture.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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