Beautiful Crafted Wooden Rug Design Among Creative Decoration as Living Room Ideas Design as Home Inspiration To Your House

Simple yet attractive is what rug decor do to your home. Yes it is located under our feet but you should see that the beauty will cheer up the entire room. Is usually the rug is made from wool or other fabric, Elisa Strozyk make a breakthrough by using dyed wood as the main material to the rug.

It appears that the rug design Decor that she create look very fabulous. The geometric patterned rug that lies in your living room already looks fantastic. You can notice the colorful pattern on the triangle bring playful atmosphere to the room. But the fun does not stop there since the beautiful rug Decor does not only look beautiful when it lies plainly on the floor. Yes you usually would hate it if your other rug is crinkle and make a mess. But this stunning rug decor present another beauty when it crinkles.

The dyed wood rug base color is actually white with grey lines create repetitive triangle pattern. The images on the rug create artistic rug decor which will make great impression. Black, red and yellow apparently look very charming when it collaborates in this rug. Unlike other rug which looks like a lump when it crinkles, it turns out that this colorful rug creates small triangle shapes when it crinkles.

It will look perfect as your living room Decor and you also can combine it with fluffy white rug next to it. The irregular rug edges make dynamic room ambience. You can notice the black and pastel tone collaboration turn out to appear beautifully. In any rustic room ambience with concrete flooring and log Decor, the colorful rug Decor becomes very attractive. The combination of red hues to pastel and baby blue to darker blue really make cheerful pattern. It is obvious with beautiful rug design Decor like Elisa’s made will make any room full of cheers.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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