Beautiful Design Modern Studio Apartment Unitary Room Sharing Living Dining Room Also Kitchen Area as Cooking

Have you ever heard about this RGB Lighting before? G design is one of a creative group which is recently completed a modern studio apartment in Russia. This project was meant to bring a spacious, bright and a sleek interior inside this house. The house is actually not that large, only consists of 120 square meters.

They are actually succeed in making. By decorating some elements with RGB Lighting Ideas, a series of unconventional niches were built as well. They came in red, green, and blue color combination. It is really fascinating just to see this bright lighting. This LED lighting works great to make a brighter look and it can manipulate the color of each room. You will see how amazing the color can change an atmosphere in a house.

This house actually come with the same clean white color as the base in every spots in the house. But the designer came with the idea of using LED lighting to make a different atmosphere in each room. Like the living room that came with a light red lighting which more looks like a pink color will bring a warm atmosphere here. The blue lighting which is used in the bedroom is matched well because of the color which is similar to a clear blue ocean that makes you relax and easier to sleep.

All of these colors are permanent, you can change them easily just like turning on and turning off the electricity. And there is a bathroom inside the bedroom which came with glass material surrounding with this LED lighting feature as well. The LED lighting is not only red, blue, and green actually. But the red RGB Lighting Color can be turned into pink, and the green color can be turned to purple by lowering the intensity.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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