Jumeirah Vittaveli Outdoor Swimming Pool View Seen By Night Among Romantic Lighting Concept Installed On The Bottom from Water

This time we will give you a beautiful retreat design ideas. This retreat is built with fresh and natural atmosphere. That’s why you will feel comfort when you are in this place. We choose one project which can show this beauty sensation. It is Jumeirah Vittaveli Resort. The performance of this project is extremely awesome. The interior and exterior designs in this project can make you feel like in the heaven. You can get much reference from the project here.

These are some pictures of this project. There is a blue indoor pool next to the building. There are some furniture designs which can be used for seating. They are wooden couch with grey cushion, wooden chair with grey cushion. Even, there is bed in the lounge. This bedroom as nice as master bedroom retreat design ideas inside the building. You can feel fresh air touch your face in this place. The building is designed with wooden wall, thatch roof and glass windows.

If you want to enjoy beautiful view by sitting inside the retreat, you can sit on the white couch. It is spa place. There are some tables which have the white sink, faucets, mirrors, and some bathing tools. Next to this place is the bathroom. The bathroom is designed with white wall and white ceiling. This bathroom uses blur glass door. The shower room and toilet is separated by the wall. So, they are in the different room.

See the bedroom then. It is great master bedroom. The bed stands in the middle of the room. There are some pillows on the bed. This bed is designed with white netting bed. Next to this bed is the wooden chair with white cushion and some pillows. In front of this chair is the circle wooden table. There are flowers, miniatures and magazines on the table. For the master retreat decorating ideas, there are some paintings adhering on the wall.



Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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