Traditional House Exterior Design Among Exposed Brick Wall Surrounded By Leafless Tree Denver Renovation as Developer

Doing renovation process in your house can be done when you feel bored with your current house design. Before starting the process, it can be better if you decide the suitable designs which will make your residence more comfortable. Seeing the residence design by Entropy Limited is a good way to help you decide the best design. Denver Renovation for Developer will guide you to make a successful renovation in your house.

Before the renovation, the house looked so plain with wooden wall and brick chimney. It is also made with just a single level. After the renovation residence design plan done, the house looked more interesting with brighter brown wall and an additional level above it. White framed windows make this house more appealing and looked interesting. Brick wall is also completing the exterior in this residence. Some white accents are used in this house.

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Inside you can see an attractive central stairs which wooden footing and iron handle. For the stairs, you can see the green tree in the lower level. The kitchen space is also renovated to be an interesting one. With stainless steel appliances, this kitchen looked amazing. Wooden cabinets and bright backsplash are also completing the new look of this kitchen. Hardwood floor is used in this space. Wooden counter with grey tile on top is also available in this kitchen space. Cooking will be more fun in this new kitchen.

In the living room, you will found a black fireplace in the brown frame between two wooden bay seats windows. These sitting spaces are located under the wood framed windows. An artistic chandelier is hanged from the ceiling above the entrance space inside the house. A hexagon window is installed above the entrance space. This unique yet interesting residence design concept will give you many ideas and inspirations.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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