Chic Details under Nursery Among A White Crib Also White Cabinet Near White Chair

Before babies are born, future parents should decide on what kind of decorations they would do to nursery room. Because newborns are not there yet, parent would not know the genders right? Therefore, neutral gender themed room is what people need the most. As sibling will be with newborn for a while, better to share the space. Then, design room in white color theme. This includes white crib, white drapes, white rounded lampshade, also white drawers. But, give accent of yellow to make it more cheerful.

If gynecologist says babies would be in twins, then it means for parent to prepare two cribs. In dark gray themed nursery room, put one crib with yellow blanket and another one in silver gray one. Arrange nursery room decor by hanging birds in form of wall decals to complete gorgeous curtains in bird theme also. Or, try separating two cribs with dark wooden drawer in the middle. And hang classy chandelier on ceiling.

When white theme is chosen, actually it is the simplest design any room can be. In this case, parents choose rather bright tones and joyful ornaments to design the interior part. Colorful paper wall decals should be hung at the corner, or even better near crib area. Even golden framed pictures look good as well. Make the room in maximum safety by rolling out fluffy and furry carpet in color choice depending room’s theme.

Parents who love classy decor tend to design their babies’ room in classy design. Hang ivory draperies to windows, and also place velvet armchair in tufted accent. Light brown drawer and white crib are arranged under amazing crystal chandelier. Remember to put dolls or any other toys as well. Also, nursery room decor ideas can be done by adding plush recliner so even parent will feel comfy while with their newborns.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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