Awesome Terrace Space from Wooden Cabin Among Wooden Pergola Also Grey Deck Facing Panoramic View

A young fresh couple asked to have a house with beautiful rustic design. Pearson Design Group made their dreams come true by building a beautiful rustic home with natural scenery. As far as you can see, there will be deep and spacious green valley you can find around the house. Hardwoods as the main materials of the home blends itself with the nature surrounds. A lot of spacious glass windows inside the house blur the lines between outdoors and indoors perfectly.

Take a look at the facade. Geometric shapes on the architectural concept make this house look a little modern, moreover there are a lot of glass windows are seen from the distance. However, the wooden walls, canopy, and staircase exude the rustic atmosphere. The rustic design ideas in this house provide an outdoor sitting area. Completed with a fire pit, this area also has a set of wooden seats with wooden coffee table. You should see by yourself how perfect their combination is.

Now we are in the living room. This one is a spacious area that been furnished with some rustic items. Some upholstered seats with soft brown color are put on the white rug. Two of those seats are covered by animals’ fur. The floor is sleek brown, and the wall is made from wooden boards. Above the coffee table which made from thin lumbers, pretty lamps are hanging with their white color. Spacious glass windows behind the seats will deliver much lights in bright days.

You should see the bedroom. This one has a marvelous rustic concept. A double size white bed is put on a wooden base. The wooden base is connected with a unique wooden headboard behind the pillows. The headboard is made from asymmetric wooden board, complete with wood patterns on it. Two table lamps are put on each table that made from lumber. The wooden floor is covered with some animal’s leather. White and brown colors are the chosen tone that dominate the beauty of this bedroom.

There are still many ideas left to be explored. The modern bathroom, kitchen and dining area, staircase architectural, and so on. If you want to know more, you can visit the link given. You will get the ideas of rustic design furniture in pictures there.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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