Serene Pastel Interiors Light Colored Woods Spreading Over Bedroom Wall Floor Also Furniture Among Dark Accent

When most of home design just has white and black tones, why do not you have a look in to our modern interior design below? You will be a witness of attractive pastels color that brighten up and refresh the room design. For more details and info, there are some lovely images that uploaded below this text, ready to be checked by you! Enjoy your reading.

We all know that every color has their own function that can have some effects to our body and mind. When everyone applies some white and black tones that dominated the house design, it will be amazing for some ways, but it will make us tired and bored with those all monotone colors. When bright and shinning colors are not so good for you, why do not you choose some pastels colors with soft touch? You can see in one picture of these modern interior design ideas below.

In the first pictures, there is a set of ivory sofas with classical and elegant style that is combined by light cry me wall paint tone, artistic and classic hanging lamps that is injected in its ceiling with wood clad design, and also completed with sleek stripes patterns rug. Dining room furniture that are selected are a round table of glass and three pairs of wooden chairs in soft green touch. In next pictures you will see a living room with more tones. Three different couch are applied, there are soft orange, light green and a three seats couch with floral patterns. Modern fireplace is installed in stone patterns facades. White tones are so perfect to combine this playful tone room in a perfect blend.

These pictures below will inspire you more. We know what you want, that is why we already uploaded some couples of amazing modern interior design pictures that you can find just right here, enjoy them all!.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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