Simple Interior from Home Living Room Beautified By Colorful Open Frames Near Wall Among Yellow Orange Also Red Lights

Last time we already talked about classic home design, and it is time for exploring modern home design in this edition. Just get ready to be amazed by this glowing and elegant home design that is located in Romania. Do not worry when you want to get more details, because we also uploaded some supporting images in good a high quality to give you more details. The pictures below will inspire you.

This modern home decor which is built in two levels is created by an amazing architecture studio called Andresscu And Gaivoronschi. When white is selected to dominate its exterior and interior design with some small touch of black tones, they are already aware that letting all room white sometimes will make us bored and tired. Then there are some wall decorations with attractive tones that are applied to brighten up this plain white room. These wall decorations is made of glass materials, it is just like mini windows that will let natural lights come inside.

This kind of decoration will have two benefits, because it can be attractive decoration for both exterior and interior design. High ceiling is applied in this house, make you will be able to see the first floor from its upper floor. So this kind of glowing wall decorations can be enjoyed and accommodate those two level floors. Solid Romanian hardwood is selected as the floor main material. In its living room there is a set of white couch in bold design.

While all room is covered by plain snow white facades, granite stone is selected to cover all the bathrooms inside. This kind of granite stone has some combinations of cream, grey with amazing natural patterns. Now it is the right time for you to have a look in to some lovely pictures of this modern home design that already prepared under this text that will tell you more stories.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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