Natural Details under Atlanta Residence Courtyard Among Lust Green Vegetations Also Wooden Deck Near Blue Pool

You will amazed this modern home by Cara Cummings and Jose Tavel from Tac Studios totally. This lovely home was built as am eco-friendly home with a lot of spacious glass windows installation. A spacious garden surround the room support the beauty of the home exterior perfectly. A spacious swimming pool combines the appearance of the geometric architectural fitly. Grey exterior with bricks pattern goes along the building. Let’s explore this house better.

Before you get into the house, you should take a look at the yard first. Lots of green plants are growing perfectly here. They freshen the appearance of this home in best way. Pebbles around the pool also touch the atmosphere with natural combination. A wooden deck next to the pool has some black seats to be used to spend the leisure in bright days. In another corner of the yard, this residence provides a fish pond to complete the modern home design. Three floating steps above it will help you to enjoy the pond closer. Outdoor dining area and statue make this home looked amazing.

Now we are in the modern living room. It is dominated with brown color, but still touched with white wall and ceiling. Brown seats are standing above a wooden flooring. A brown patterned carpet is lying under the seats to hide a little part of the wooden floor. Lots of mask with various models hang on the wall. A spacious red wall art also been applied above the brown sofa. These combination makes the living room marvelous.

Lots of decorations also been put on the storage display in the dining room. This site has a spacious wooden table with 8 seats. A red patterned carpet is lying on the wooden flooring. Hanging lamps with root design are applied above the table. You should check out how the bedroom and bathroom been done in the architects’ hands. They are completely beautiful. You could visit the webpage by clicking the link given. The modern home design ideas are available there in pictures.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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