Apartment Renovation under Hanoi Interior Among Modern Kitchen Design Used Beige Curtain Decoration Ideas as Home Inspiration To Your House

Looking for some inspirations of modern apartment interior, one may come with this Hung Manh Tran’s project. The project was to renovate the old interior for a more attractive look based on the trends. This dwelling which is measured in 613 square foot is located in Tay Ho, Hanoi. With this new interior, it looks more eye-catching and in the perfect atmosphere for relaxing living.

The modern apartment interior design is in neutral tones, combining bold white coloring with some brown accents. The living room which is open plan with the dining and kitchen is with white wall and cabinet and completed with brown seating units and glass coffee table. Sleek white kitchen cabinet is with Multifunction Island which shall be supplemented with brown stools and drum pendant lamp above. Ample windows which are featured with a high curtain which is also in brown tone are beside presenting excellent outside view also offering bright natural lighting.

Small useful bathroom separates the living space with the bedroom of this apartment. It is fulfilled with sleek white vanity with rounded sink and private shower with black wall tiles with built-in wooden shelving. The rest of the space is for the bedroom which is completed with a built-in wooden bed with recessed lighting under and gray mattress. For privacy, this room, since it is connected to the kitchen cabinet, is featured with curtain divider. Again, it is in brown for soft complete soft coloring scheme.

You will also be stunned with the interior decor. It is supported with plenty of freshness greens employed, on the living room coffee table, bookcase, bathroom vanity, and Kitchen Island. Besides that, creative artworks attached on living room wall creates unpredictable decor to accentuate with the accent ceiling lamp above since it offers dazzling light effect. This decoration completes the modern apartment interior design ideas for a perfect imposing look.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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