Warm Ambiance Found Inside Home Unitary Room Displaying Living Also Dining Room Colored under Neutral

We want to tell you about this Living Environment. Sergey Makhno is one of a talented architect and designer and now he come with a new design interior. It is one of the interior for the Podil Loft apartment which is located in Ukraine. This place can bring you the right harmony by combining 2 different styles.

The styles used are the modern and the old design. Now you can see with Living Environment Theme by combining these styles will bring you a unique look that is stylish but is tasteful at the same time. The stylish design came by the simplicity offered, with a grey color as the main color in the living room will bring a luxury look.

There are not much designs here, but by using some small holes in the wall can bring a different sense here and kept it simple. The old themes is also can be felt in this same place, as you can see in the wall next to this is the wall that came with brick material. This brick material will bring an old look which may resemblance to the rustic theme as well. The sofa in this living room can make it complete and can be the one furniture that is neutral, not looked too modern and not looked too old.

The sofa has a U shaped arrangement and with a table placed in the center side of it. There are also 2 wood chairs with a soft pillow, so that it will be more comfortable to be used. A small vase contain beautiful flowers on it will make a sweet atmosphere here. This place looked from Living Environment Pictures will be perfect when a brown color is added, and later the designer choose brown color as the color for the curtain.



Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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