When the summer come, many people will try to found a refreshing place which can make them forget about the hit weather. Staying in the breeze yard is very interesting. The amazing landscape architecture will also increase the comfort when you stay in this kind of place. Summerwood Winery & Inn is one of the 3D Designs by David which will make you feel interested. This landscape design is very amazing.

The combination of green plantations and modern open sitting spaces makes this landscape awesome. In this landscape architecture design, you can found many sitting spaces which are surrounded by many green plantations. There will be s brick table with rounded wood panel on top of it. This outdoor table will be surrounded by many black stools. Near this space, there is also a small fireplace which will give you warm in the night. Above the table, there is a bright lamp which will shine the table space.

Enough light from the street lamp is increasing the beauty of this space. There is also an open patio with black pergola. A wide fireplace is available in this space. This stone fireplace will increase the natural view of this yard. Stone pillars are decorating this patio space. A beautiful pool is also completing this outdoor space. Around the pool, stone floor is used to increasing the look. You will feel comfortable in this space.

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For you who want to enjoy the panoramic view, there is also a small patio with wooden pergola and rounded bonfire. This stone bonfire is placed in front of the stone bench. With amazing design, this yard can be a wonderful space to enjoy the summer night with fresh air and wonderful view. With the modern yet fascinating landscape architecture concept, this landscape can be a good space to spend your free time.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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