Kitchen Design Using Wooden Cabinetry Among Marble Countertop Hardwood Flooring 9808 Kinross Place

Using the brown wall in the exterior can give the house a comfortable look. Knowing this, many people want to make their house with the brown theme. 9080 Kinross Place is one of the exciting home designs which will give the beautiful room look. Made by 925R Design Inc., this design project is combining the unique exterior and house interior brilliantly. With brown wall and some white accents, this room looked amazing.

White pillars with a brick pillar on the lower side are decorating the entrance space. You can also see many white framed windows around the house. Brown doors will welcome you in the house. Inside, you can found a comfortable house interior design with brown wall and some white panels. A contemporary chandelier is hanged above this space. To make it more appealing, the brown stone floor is chosen in this interior. Wooden stairs with classic handle are seen from the entrance space.

In the family room, you can found some black sofas with a brown cushion on it. A wooden table is placed in the center of the sofas. A black fireplace with the brown frame is located near the brown wall. Different with the entrance, in this space, hardwood floor is used. White unique carpet is placed on the table. As for the kitchen, you can see many brown cabinets and shelves in it. Brown Kitchen Island is put in this kitchen space. Wooden stools with unique design are placed near the island.

Above the island, there are some small lamps. The bathroom is also impressive. With wooden cabinet, this space looked impressive. Two white sinks are placed in the cabinet. A full mirror is placed above the sinks. You can also see some unique lamps above the mirror. The White bathtub is placed near this space. It is put under the white framed windows. Making this house interior design idea as inspiration will give you a cozy living space.



Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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