Iron Place Vernon Exterior Design Among Raised Entry Ideas Contemporary Outdoor Staircase With Wooden Steps

Making a house with unique design can make your living more interesting. You can found many unusual and interesting designs which can make your house looked amazing. Choosing the unique material to complete your house design will also increase the comfort in your house. For you who want to make a unique house, you can see the Iron Place – Vernon by 925R Design Inc. This unique house building is made with perfect combination of iron and wood materials.

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In the entrance, you will see a combination of wooden footing and iron handle in the front stairs. The glass windows in this residence are completed with iron panels. Wooden wall is also decorated with some iron panels. Grey wall is also used in this house. With this interesting house design architecture, the house looked appealing. Cozy patio with wooden pergola is also available in this house. Concrete floor is combined with wooden panels as the wall.

Iron fence is completing the patio space. Inside, you can see an interesting combination of black wall, wooden floor, white ceiling and some glass windows. An interesting propeller is hanged from the ceiling. In this house, white kitchen space is available. There are many white cabinets with brown tile backsplash. White Kitchen Island can also be found in this kitchen space. Modern sink is placed on the island. Some white lamps are hanged above the island.

White bathroom space is made in this house. With white cabinets and two white sinks on it, this bathroom space looked clean and appealing. Wide mirror is placed above the sinks. Above the mirror, there are some unique lamps. Brown tile floor is combined with white wall and white ceiling. You can also found a white bathtub and white closet in this bathroom. If you are interested with this house design ideas, you can use it in your house building.



Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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