Modern Floating Deck Among Glass Slide Door Also Wooden Balustrade Design 1636 House Exterior Ideas

There are many things which can be done to increase your comfort when you are staying in the house. Having unusual house architecture will make your house more comfortable. A comfortable wooden house can be found in the Philip A Buchanan, Architect works. 1636 House is a masterpiece from this designer which will make you feel more comfortable to make your house. It is made with wooden wall and many glass windows around it.

Glass door is also available in this house. On the highest level, you can found a wooden balcony with wooden pergola and wooden fence. This balcony is using hardwood floor as the flooring. Sliding door will bring you to this space. Some glass windows are also installed near this balcony space. Seeing the highest space in this house architecture design will bring you a wonderful panoramic view of lust trees around the house.

Inside, wooden floor is also used. You can see a natural kitchen space with wooden cabinets and wooden shelves. A wooden kitchen island makes this space more natural brown stools are placed near the island. Some long lamps are hanged from brown ceiling above the island. Near this space, there is a small dining room with rounded table. Above this wooden table, there is a rounded chandelier which is increasing the custom look of this space.

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A rounded stairs is used in this space. This iron stairs is very unique. As for the bathroom, you will found a white cabinet with grey panel on top. White sinks are planted on the cabinet. A wide mirror is placed above the sink space. With many glass windows around the house, you will get many bright lights in the day. Seeing panoramic view from the house will also be easier. Simple yet amazing house architecture style like this can increase your comfort.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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