Mountain Lake Lodge Exterior Design Among Raised Floor Ideas Surrounded With Lush Vegetations Also Green Grass

To get a comfortable and healthy life, making a house in the natural environment will be interesting. When you want to make a house in the forest, a unique and cozy home design will be needed. It is not difficult for you to decide what kind of design which you want to use. You can use the Mountain Lake Lodge by Philip A Buchanan, Architect as your model. It will give you many interesting ideas which you can use in your own house.

This house is made in grey wall and grey roof. Grey framed windows are placed in this house. There are some wooden pillars which are used in the center of this house. Wooden doors are welcoming you in the entrance. Grey chimneys are located on its sides. Inside, you will see the fascinating home design minimalist with hardwood floor and some wooden pillars. In the family room, you can found a grey sofa and some brown chairs.

Animal skin rug is completing this space. Stone fireplace makes this room more natural. On the corner, there is a wooden cabinet with flat screen TV above it. The kitchen space is also very interesting. Some dark blue cabinets are used in this space. Blue Kitchen Island with some wooden panels is placed in this kitchen too. Brown stools are placed near the island. Some curve lamps are hanged above the kitchen island.

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There is also a cozy patio with wooden panels on the ceiling. Another stone fireplace is located in this space. Wooden floor is used here. A classic rounded chandelier is hanged from the ceiling. Some cozy chairs are available in this space. A barbeque set in this space can be used for your garden party. With the interesting home design idea like this, it is possible for you to make your house more comfortable.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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