Home Office Design Among Marble Flooring Ideas Antique Leather Sofa Also Iconic Round Window Grand Eclectic Interior

This time, we provide the beautiful home concept. The beautiful house which we are given through the pictures is coming from a project. This project is called Grand Electric Interior designed by DeNinno Architects, LLC. The elegant furniture designs, accessories, and decoration of this project are incredibly impressive. You need to see by yourself and feel awesome sensation after seeing those pictures. Check this out.

See the pictures here. The office room is designed in classic home concepts furniture. There are some classic interior designs are standing in that room like classy chairs and chic sofa. The appeal performance of this room is the wonderful marble flooring. Move to other elegant room. The appearance of the family room is designed with flower pattern couch and classy pattern carpet. In the middle of this room is the circle table with beautiful carving legs. Above the table is a chic chandelier.

The impressive room performance comes from the collection room. This room has a sofa with brown feather pillows. The oak ceiling panel is matching with the accessories in the storage. They are the animal miniatures in dark color. The glass storage and light inside the storage make the people can see them freely. It is special collection room. Then, let’s see the performance of the dining room. This is a table set for 10. There are white chairs with a wooden table in the middle.

We saw the performance of the animal miniature as the collection in the collection room. Then, let’s see the performance of other group room. That is carpet collection room. Here, you can see the carpets are hanged next to the wall and lay on the floor. In the middle of this room is the animal miniature on the table to give something different. It is the performance of classic home concepts furniture models to create an elegant performance.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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