Traditional Stafford Oregon Custom Home Exterior Design Among Stone Pathway Wooden Garage Also Shed Door

Living happily with the family members can be done when you have a comfortable family house. Building a comfortable house for the family will be easier when you already had the suitable home architecture. By seeing many interesting examples, deciding the best architecture will be easier. One of the fascinating designs which you can see is the Stafford, Oregon – Custom Home by Patrick Schmitt, designer Inc. This amazing home is using custom design with comfortable furniture.

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From the outside, you will found a custom exterior with wooden wall, stone pillars and some wooden pillars. Entering the house, the custom style is still seen. In the living room, you will found a big stone fireplace between some wooden shelves. Brown sofas are facing the fireplace. Wooden table is located in the center of it. Hardwood floor makes this interior home architecture design more comfortable. Brown wall and brown ceiling are completing this space.

In the kitchen, you will see many wooden cabinets with brown tile on top. Brown floor is used in this kitchen space. Wooden Kitchen Island is filling the center of this kitchen. A black stove is placed on the island. Near the kitchen, a custom dining room is available. You can see wooden dining table and some wooden chairs are available. Classic chandelier is decorating this space above the table. There is also a space where a wooden billiard table is located.

Above the table, a classic lamp is hanged from the brown wall. You can play billiard in this space every time you want. Near the white framed windows, a hexagon table is located. This wooden table is surrounded by some brown stools. Another classic lamp is hanged above the table. From this space, you can see the panoramic view easily while you are resting. Cozy and comfortable home architecture ideas like this can give you more happiness.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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