Interesting Pendant Light Above Dining Space Among Long Wooden Table Also Unique Chairs Near Hardwood Floor

People need to go to another place, such as holiday home, if they want to have perfect time of relaxation. Surely modern design can be one of options when choosing what design to apply. White paint color is applied for exterior walls when brown rooftop is also designed. Do not forget to install lots of glass windows so people can relax while seeing green garden outside. This way, people can see oceanic view of refreshing water from inside the house.

Modern living room looks great with glamorous interior but not in excessive manner. Or in other words, it is about applying minimalist design. Facing sliding glass doors, comfy sectional sofas are added on fluffy carpet in white color. People should add another seating plan as well, such as light brown canes chairs. White table then has dark gray legs and then decorated with white flowers. Above modern stone fireplace, hang holiday home decor of framed painting too.

Meanwhile in dining room, simple style of furnished wooden table in long size is surrounded with white chairs. Install white electric fan on top to save energy than by using air conditioner. Moreover, it is better as people usually open windows and feel fresh air from coastal areas. Place ceramic bowl in red tones which look like clam in beach. Behind gray sofas, put wooden drawer and remember to put bird ornament.

Kitchen has minimalist design too, but rather in modern look. White countertop is installed above gray cabinets and drawers. Island area then has same arrangement like pastry. Spiral staircase makes modern and elegant atmosphere of wooden stairs covered in soft gray carpet. Master bedroom has dark gray bedding with tufted headboard. Meanwhile, kids’ bedroom has focal point of red items. As holiday home decorating ideas, install glass skylight and star lamps in great amounts.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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