The fresh atmosphere can be found in the hill house design. With the appearance of that room set, the people can enjoy natural scenery view from inside the house and outside the house. Here, we provide you some performances of a project which is located on the hill slope. It is Blokkebearhaugen which is designed by LEAD Inc. This project gives the house pictures in the winter and the summer. You will see how beautiful the house is in the two seasons.

See the hill slope house design pictures here. In the winter, you can see the snowflake adheres on the floor. This house has a flat roof, so this house seems like has the white rooftop. It is cute, right? This house is designed in the gray wall with small windows. The windows are designed with the white window frame. In the front room, there are small columns stands in front of the door. Then, on the terrace, there are white chair stands below the window. On the right side is the garage. The garage has the black door garage.

Let’s see inside the house. The first room is the bathroom. The bathroom is designed in white concept. The white flooring, white toilet, white cabinet, white wall and white ceiling are appearing in this bathroom. So, that the black chair looks next to the wall for coloring the room. Move to the kitchen, this kitchen is designed in same room with dining table. The dining room has wooden chairs and wooden table. Then, in the kitchen, there are crystal glass models as the accessories to increase the performance.

Modern Porch Design Among Awesome View Glass Balustrade Blokkebearhaugen House Surrounded Lush Vegetations


This is a perfect project which gives young sensation from the outside and comfortable inside the house. Moreover, the large green yard around the house is so beautiful. Can you imagine how do you feel when you live in that house? Absolutely, it is awesome feeling if we can live in the beautiful hill slope home design as the pictures here.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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