Fabulous Staircase under House Among Wooden Footings Also Glasss Balustrade Near Brown Sofa

Sometimes this room is not only for getting some snacks and drinks, but a bar design also can be the right place for you to have your quality time with your beloved ones and visiting friends and also relatives. We are glad to share you a bar design that has some futuristic, dynamic and elegant design. There are some couples of dazzling pictures that are ready to be checked below this text, do not forget to check them all.

The first time your eyes looking at this bar design plans, you will think that it is a room in a space ship. White and black is applied as the only tones for its interior design, with some glowing and shinning elements that make this room looks more elegant. When another and common bar design is still using usual bar furniture, this design chooses to break the rules by applying futuristic furniture design, as you can check and see in this pictures.

There is a center and main table with elegant and bold style that is completed by modern and classy bars equipment, included some eating utensils that has artistic shapes. This black bold table is not alone, because there are about ten pairs of white chairs are accompanying it. When another bar has furniture that touching the ground, the designer of this modern bar design, Duffy London, selected to use swing design for its furniture, especially the chairs. Duffy London is a well known and professional architecture studio that is located in London, in the United Kingdom. Glass facades that covered this home add some spacious edge.

For the lighting there are some couples of fluorescent lamps in long square shapes that are injected in its ceiling with a good and regular arrangements. As we promised before, here are some bar design ideas pictures that are presented only for you our beloved readers.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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