Chic LOAVESFISHES Frontal View Among Five Tiered Tiles Detail Installed Near Backrest Painted under Yellow White Also Teal

This chair is using a Famous Religious Symbol. What do you think about miracle? Some people who have strong belief in God will like this idea by Alessandro Zambelli. He has designed a chair which is a reflection to the miracle itself. You will see it after looking at the elusive and mysterious design.

The chair is the reflection from the miracle of Christian tradition which is recounted in all four gospels. The chair with Famous Religious Symbol Concept came with strong wood material and there are like some small rectangles as the component of this chair. This chair is colorful and is attractive enough to be seen, and it will catch attention and bring a unique feel just by placing this chair in a room.

The color combination used has a meaningful expression, from the bottom side, it comes with a dark blue color, and the upper side of this is the light blue color, and then a brown color, a yellow color, and the top side of it is a gold color. This chair might be attractive but can be not too comfortable to be used as the wood material used here that will not make you too comfortable like sitting in a sofa, and the proportion of the chair comes with 25 small rectangular boxes.

When you visit the site, you also can see the process of making this chair. It has been shown well enough from the process in making the shape and when they put them together as a chair. And later they choose the right color from a catalog and finishing process for this chair. There are 5 levels in this chair looked from Famous Religious Symbol Pictures from the bottom to the top, because 5 is an important number for the gospel tradition.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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