Efficient Project Acacia House Brandon Architects Bedroom Space Maximization Involving Built under Storage Idea

For you who are still willing to have a cozy and dynamic home you come in to the right place, because right now elegant house design is all what we want to talk to you now. This home is completed by some amazing supporting images that are uploaded below this text; make sure you do not miss them.

The name of this awesome elegant house design ideas is 604 Acacia House, that is constructed in Corona Di Mar, California, in the United States. When we are comparing this house with its neighborhood, this home is so attractive with assorted natural plants that are inserted in its exterior design, even injected in its roof top and outer wall. There is a fence with wood clad design which has natural wooden tones and unique patterns, decorated with green plants with flower shaped in a row. Natural elements are brought inside this house, like you can see in its main materials that most of them is from natural, such as wood, glass and stone.

White and black is selected to be the tones that is dominated both side, whether exterior and interior design. This house which is built in there level floors, two type of floors are used, looking by its materials, solid American hardwood and white granite stone is applied. Clear glass materials is applied as its wide windows and doors that is applied with sliding design and folding design. There is a spacious open plan room, constructed of dynamic living room, elegant dining room, and modern kitchen design.

There is a set of modern sofas in white with some decorative pillows in different colors and patterns are arranged on it, completed also with baby brown rug. Contemporary fireplace is injected directly to its ceiling below the wide screen TV. Want to know more about this dazzling home? All you need to do is checking some pictures inserted below of this stunning elegant house design plans, don`t miss them.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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