Elegant Vases under Little Venice House Kitchen Space Near Dining Room Among Black Lamps

Decorating the beautiful home delight needs to have creativity to make it look beautiful. Decorating dining room is very important to make the house owners enjoy and comfort. Making decoration in the dining room is not easy. One of the good decorating dining rooms can be found in a classic Victorian House. The style of the dining room in this house is very stylish. It is use contemporary design to make beautiful dining room.

Deciding about the use of home delight dining table is very important. At this design, the designer is use contemporary style. The table used in this design is using wooden table. The table is made in square form and it is using four foots. The chair s used in this dining room is also made by wooden. The color use of the table and chair is using brown and black color. The use of it color is very nice with combining brown floor.

Deciding the interior design of the dining room is also important to increase the beautiful of dining room. The ornaments or interiors that can be used in this room are variety. The house owner can put small flower pot on the table. Using chandeliers can be added in this room decoration. Combining some chandeliers shape will make the room look beautiful. The shape or the form of chandeliers can be round, cone, and etc. Put the scenery painting in the wall is also make the room look life.

Using open room in the dining room is a good choice. The dining room will look large and bright. The design of it can be use by using transparent glass windows and doors. It is also making the house owners can enjoy the outdoor scenery from the dining room. Preparation about home delight lighting is very important to make the dining room does not dark.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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