Wisteria Cottage Exterior Surrounded By Green Lawn Also White Fence Transparent Wall Wisteria Cottage

In the holiday moment, spending the family time in a cottage will be a good idea. If you want to get a happier moment, it can be more comfortable if you build a cottage with fantastic cottage design. Since a cottage usually located near the lush trees, it can be interesting if you make it with custom and minimalist design. The Wisteria Cottage by Watters Architecture can be an inspirational design which you can use in your cottage.

With brown wall and gray roof, this cottage looked so traditional. White framed windows are installed in some spots in this cottage. White door and an open patio with the wooden deck are increasing this cottage exterior. The White wooden fence is completing the patio space. In this patio, you can found some outdoor chairs and a rounded table. A flowery canopy is also available on the table. This minimalist cottage design idea will give you a refreshing feeling.

On its side, there is an indoor sitting space which is completed with many full windows. These glass windows will give you a beautiful green yard view whenever you stay in the sitting area. Inside, the living room looked so comfortable. With brown sofas and white cushions, this area looked appealing. Hardwood floor is used to increase the comfort in this area. In the center of the sofas, there is an armless rounded sofa which is used as the table replacement. The perfect cabinet is located near the wall.

There are some precious ornaments on the blue wall. The White propeller is hanged from the white ceiling. This unusual combination of colors makes the interior looked amazing. On the corner, you can also see some gray chairs arranged tidily around the wooden table. Some pictures and photographs make this space interesting to be used to gather with the family members. You will feel more comfortable with this cottage design interior and able to get wonderful ideas from it.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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