Transparency Interior View Seen By Night At Casa En Silleda House Among Modern Garden Setting To Keep It Elegant Also New

This time, you can get the contemporary home plans for reference. This house is kind of modern house concept with cozy sensation design. This is a project which is designed by Terceroderecha Arquitectos. This nice project can be nice reference for you who want to get the inspiration about modern house concept. We will show the pictures of the interior design, exterior design and the floor plans. So, you can get complete inspiration from these pictures here.

Related to these statements, here are some pictures of the contemporary home plans and designs. You can see the house is designed in white and wooden combination in exterior designs. There are many glass doors and glass windows in this front house. In front of the house is designed with green yard and the white stepping stone. Let’s move inside the house. It is a living room. There is grey sofa in this room. In front of the sofa is the white shelf. You can put some books, pictures, accessories and miniatures on the shelf.

Next to living room is the stair. This stair is designed with concrete material and the white iron handrail. Under the stair is designed as the place. You can put some books in there. There are black human book holders in that place. It is unique and creative space. See the kitchen then. The kitchen is designed in pretty small space. There white cabinet which has the sink and faucet. The kitchen is decorated in white color. There are some kitchen tools are available in this kitchen.

See the bedroom then. The bed is designed with white bedcover and white pillow. Above the bed is the white shelf. On the shelf, there are some accessories, miniatures, books, photos, and etc. The bedroom is designed in the corner of the house. This corner of room is designed with glass windows. After that, let’s see the pictures of the floor plans. They show the performance of the house design and house location. Hopefully, modern house floor plans and designs pictures can help you out find best house plan.



Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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