Glossy Interior Spreading Over Wooden Floor Added Among Bright Lighting Created From Recessed Also Cove Lamps

Still with some contemporary architecture designs, this chance we would like to explore about a lovely home design that is located in Lima, Peru. Elegant and contemporary style is the most important elements that is brought in to this home design. We always completed some designs we delivered with some supporting pictures injected under the text, just make sure you will not miss them all.

In this contemporary architecture design you will easily find some modern shape and patterns that are arranged whether in its exterior design or even in its interior design. Longi Architects is the one that design this outstanding house plan. When the owner of this house wants to have a remodeling project design and they ask help from this well-known architecture studio in Peru, they just said that they want a home where they can live in for the rest of their live. When we are thinking about that, some futuristic style with combination of elegant and dynamic elements, it will be very interesting.

There is a picture that is captured its interior design from a far. When you are looking at this home in this distance, you will see this home design is like a fabulous and modern spaceship. Built in two different levels, for some parts the upper level has longer and wider space than the first floor. Natural elements that are injected make this home looks artistic and bold. You can see its domination colors for its exterior design, natural tones are selected, such as grey, white and original brown tones that is gained from wooden tones. A pair of bold stairs in grey tones will lead you to come inside.

There is an unique design for its garden, a set of round table and chairs in long and big size is constructed there, will be the best place for resting. So this is time to look at some amazing pictures of this contemporary architecture styles that will give you further explanations.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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