Kitchen Design Using Travertine Tile Floor Also Wooden Cabinetry Covering Small Island At French Manor Estate

French Manor in Santa Clarita, California is one of the alluring homes with classic interior. Designed by Lisa Esposito Design, this French interior employs high-quality materials and applies soft color tone. The rustic texture is also usedto make the interior has a definite classic feel. The kitchen reflects the real traditional kitchen design. It has a stone pergola and soft colored tile flooring. The kitchen counters and cabinets are in wooden materials with a white surface. Blue is presented by the kitchen island that gives the calming color in this kitchen area.

The balcony on the second floor of this classic interior design really has the classic style. The balustrade is made from black steel crafted in traditional steel pattern. The windows are designed in arch models strengthening the traditional theme of this house. The classic chandelier is hung on the white ceiling giving an alluring look of this staircase. The interior wall is painted in light beige color giving the soft tone of the interior color theme.

The most unique room in this French home is the kitchen. Its traditional design makes this kitchen looks beautiful with the combination of the rustic textured elements and the sleek look of the soft tone wall. The kitchen tools are hung above the kitchen island giving the accent of the real classical kitchen. The stove is placed in the stone pergola with traditional hood above it.

The bathroom interior is in classic theme. Bathroom dressers are designed in dark wooden materials with a white surface. Wall mirror in crafted wooden frames makes this bathroom has the real traditional look. The bath tub is in white oval design. Chandeliers are placed on its sides giving the luxurious feel of this clean bath tub. The classic interior trend is timeless and it is always bethe popular among the interior emphasizing on the luxurious items.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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