Dining Room Interior Among Minimalist Modern Furniture Design Used White Color Decor under Cliffbrook Home Interior as Inspiration House

If you want to see a beautiful modern home design with tremendous view to the ocean, then you should see the home project of Cliffbrook by T01 Architecture & Interiors. You will see a stunning home building in the seashore. If you have a chance to stay in this house, then you must be one of those happiest people in the world. The architect really knows how to rebuild a home building in stunning appearance.

Cliffbrook is not only represents a beautiful modern home design idea, but it is also shows you a great home building that can pampering the homeowner’s senses. Look at to the front layout of the house. It looks stunning in modern style with rounded building at the rear side. It has glass walls at the second floor that facing straight to the ocean. Go to the backside of the house and you will find an outdoor patio space. There is a set of outdoor stylish furniture at the open space area.

Cliffbrook Home Design under Bathroom Interior Among Beige Color Paint Decoration under Modern Natural Style as Inspiration


Cliffbrook looks pretty with modern balcony design at the second floor with glass covers. This house beautifully dominated in white color. Step inside and find a beautiful interior design with ocean view. The interior design with the ocean view will make you feel amaze. It has open-plan living space that makes the house looks spacious without lots of room separator. It has a stylish modern dining room that has a view to the ocean.

It has slim white table with modern bucket chairs in white color. You can find smooth wooden flooring around the house. Go to the bathroom and you will find ultra-modern bathroom with glass wall to that has a view to the ocean. You will also find a minimalist modern bathroom with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. There is no doubt about this beautiful modern home design concept of Cliffbrook.



Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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