Fluffy White Pillow Among A Half Moon Motif as Interesting Sitting Room under House

Today, there are many kind of fabric pattern that used in pillows design. It is available in any color to make the interiors look beautiful and elegant. The color of it design can be combining each other. Choosing the color of it design is related to the house owners’ needs and wants. Using geometric design will make the pillows look beautiful. Choosing good colors in this design is very important.

Using colorful color will make the pillow look nice. The colorful color that can be used in pillow fabric pattern design is variety. Combining yellow, black, blue, and pink for it design will make the pillow look nice. Combining it color can be doing in random selection. It is make the color is eye catching. The use of it design can be used in bright color sofa. It is suitable to be placed in pink sofa or blue sofa.

Combining two colors is also making the fabric in pillow look nice. Using gold and silver color can be combining in this design. The use of it will make the pillow look elegant. Using both color is make the pillow look bright and shiny. Using it color can be used in horizontal or design or geometric design. The use of it design can be application with using beige color of the fabric.

Combination some color for pillow fabric is needed to increasing the beautiful of the pillow. The combination of the fabric should be appropriate. The use of dark color can be combined in brown color. The use of it can be used in contemporary style. Choosing the fabric material is also important. The use of soft and smooth fabric will make the users comfort to use it. Determining the fabric pattern design images is very important before the users buy the pillow.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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