Intimate Bathroom Design Using Traditional Wall Lamps Also Vanity And Wall Mirror Decorated Among Wall Pictures

Lisa Esposito Design always provides the inspiring designs just like this bathroom interior. Intimate bathroom with eclectic yet timeless style has been successfully created bringing the classical beauty and luxury into its concept. Applying classical decoration and prominent traditional furniture, this bathroom looks great as the master bedroom in a classical home. The interior color is in soft tone color giving the warmth and calmness feel. Neutral colored tile is used as the wall accent. The dresser is made from the wooden materials with rustic texture. White surface makes this dresser looks clean and bright.

Wall mirror is wooden frames crafted in classic vignettes looks great as this classic bathroom decoration. The classical lightings are placed on each side of this wall mirror. The basin is designed in simple oval shape with glass ornaments and fresh flowers surrounding it. The bathroom flooring is structured from grey tile flooring with unique tile accent on it. Tile wall is also applied for the lower part of this bathroom wall in order to make it easy to maintain. Tile is also the best choice for the classic bathroom interior.

The shower room is designed in minimalist design. Square patterned curtain in dark red color gives the bold color accent to this neutral colored bathroom. The interior in this shower room is built from white bathroom tile with brown tile as its accent. The shower room flooring is made from small bathroom tile with white marble as its accent. The shower shelves and holders are placed in one of the wall side of this bathroom.

The bathing appliance and decoration is also in classical style. Colorful glass bottles can also be the beautiful decoration for this interior. Several painting are also hung on the wall has a function as bathroom decoration. Bathroom interior style in classic design is still the favorite for those who would like to bring the traditional feel into their living space to create the romantic and intimate feel.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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