Apartment Designed By Maxim Tikhonov Interior Among Modern Minimalist Living Room Completed With Small Home Office Interior Ideas as Inspiration

It is comfortable to live in spacious home, indeed, but small bachelor pad design in excellent touch will be also able to give you the similar sense of living. Although it is small in size, it is supported with bright interior and refreshing breezy atmosphere for complete ambiance of living. It is also stunningly furnished and decorated.

This apartment which is located in Moscow was completed by architect Maxim Tikhonov from m2project Design Bureau. It is with architectural ample windows and glass windows for bright natural light circulation. Then, it is also completed with plenty of freshness greens inside for refreshing vibe. Natural touch, one of the main bachelor pad design ideas, is also supported with displayed fruits on white bowl added on wooden side table. They complete the greeneries which are planted in white vases and added on window sills.

The apartment interior design is dominated in grey touch. Grey wall painting is combined with white window and doors, white ceiling and light wood flooring. Classic wooden furniture, computer desk, is added to combine with modern white shelving units above. Grey L-shaped sectional sofa with chaise is decorated with grey and black pillows. White throw adds comfort sense of sofa for sitting or sleeping. Then, fur rug in darker grey is added for elegant look and more comfortable experience of sitting on the sofa.

Simple kitchen and dining is in surprising white tones. Floating white cabinet with wooden countertop is decorated with glossy white tiled backsplash. Stylish rounded table with sleek stylish chairs are employed for dining space for two. Defining floor design in black tile and light wood is combined with the black painted wall of living space where the wall mount TV is added. Then, what is more interesting of the bachelor pad interior design ideas is the small balcony which is featured with colorful outdoor furniture for cozy sitting.

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Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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