Contemporary Design Project Ecole Normale House Backyard Area Featured Among Inground Swimming Pool Also Dinin Space

We want to tell you about this Modern Architecture. Modern architecture has been improved from times to times. And now is the time to bring you a new innovation of modern architecture. This building has designed well by Fabre or is usually called as de marine architects. This house is located in France, and the house is not too large. With the size only 210 square feet will be very great for a single family.

You can clean the house easier due to its small size. This house with Modern Architecture Theme is the perfect house for you who likes to have an open space plan architecture house but wants a private feature as well. This house may have an open space plan architecture inside the house, but from the outside, people can’t see what is inside this house.

People may wonder when they pass by this house due to this house is fairly protected by a brick facade. This facade is a great idea in protecting the house from the spy outside and gives it a texture, so that it won’t be looked too bored with a grey color. The another benefit by using this brick facade is that the sun light from above can come inside. Although only a little of sun light can come inside, it is kind of good.

But when you come inside the house, you will see a different look. Inside the house has open plan space architecture. Thanks to the open plan space architecture that has been used, because this can make the house spacious although the size of this building is small. Although this house is small, but the features looked from Modern Architecture Pictures that you will find in this building is like the features you can find in a usual house, and this house also complete with a swimming pool as well.


Muhammad Ali Zuhdi

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